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Clinical Trainings for Imago Certification

Become known as a couples counseling specialist and relationship expert in your community as you grow your practice and increase your sense of competency in helping individuals understand their relationships. This training will help you develop the skills that increase confidence in working with couples. You can learn to how to be an advocate for the best version of their relationship possible.

Learn how to look beneath the struggle, the anger, and the hurt to witness their deep desire for connection and guide them back to safe connection. Not only will you learn how to move your couples out of conflict and into deep connection, you will also embark on a personal journey of growth and discovery.

Many therapists have shared that the Imago Clinical Training also became the greatest therapy they had ever experienced. Imago Faculty members live the principles of safety and respect and know how to create an environment that reflects that for each person in the certification program.

In the Imago style of teaching and supervision therapists can lower their own defenses, which creates openings to explore personal character structure and defenses without judgment. The further you travel on your own journey, the further you can lead your clients on their own journey of discovery.

The Process And Cost

The training to become a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist consists of sixteen training days, broken up into four blocks [of four days each] and spread out over six months to one year.

Module I:     May 7-10th Days 1-4

Module II:    Aug 20-23rd Days 5-8

Module III:  Dec 10-13 Days 9-12

Module IV:   Mar 4-7, 2021 Supervision on Special Topics

Attendance at a Getting The Love You Want Workshop with a committed partner or close friend is encouraged before the third module of the training. This will give you a full review and an experience of the theory and skills. There is usually a two to three month break between each module to allow for the integration of the material, and also for practice time with each other and your couples. Monthly meetings between training days will support your confidence in being able to use your new understanding in your work immediately.

You will bring a recording of your work during the second module and again during Module Three and Four for supervision by an Imago Faculty member. Six consultation/supervision sessions are included over the course of the training and integrated into the last four days of the training, dates TBD. After all four modules you may submit a final recording to obtain your Certification.

The cost is $4,000 for the complete certification program. Payment plans are available. There are no refunds, but if there is a personal emergency, arrangements can be made to transfer fees to other modules.

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Imago Certification

Michelle Bohls, Imago Faculty Candidate

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