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Module 4 Training

Clinical Trainings for Imago Certification for Licensed Mental Health Professionals and Imago Educators

[Training Description]
What will you gain by this Advanced Imago training?

This advanced workshop deepens our theoretical and experiential understanding of characterological adaptations to pain, fear, guilt and loss of connection: the social journey where we unconsciously shadow parts of ourselves. Learn to recognize your psychological survival reflexes and your defensive-offensive projections. It highlights the many ways in which you use them and how they endanger not only your intimate relationships, but all your relationships. It is an opportunity to experience how our projections trigger our reactivity, keeping us disconnected in relationship, and to discover how we can restore a new connection to ourselves.

How You Will Benefit?

You will learn effective, transformative, and research-based therapy techniques and theory to bring safety and restore connection in couples and all relationships where conflict and rupture have occurred.

Who is this training for?

For anyone interested in parts work or shadow work: therapists and non-therapists, in a couple or not, who are interested in progressing in their personal life. For all Imago therapists, already certified or training for certification. This is an individual and experiential training. It combines times for theoretical input and times for practice done in dyads or small groups through a diversity of exercises. This advanced training is one of the admission pre-requisites for the Couples Workshop Presenter Training.

Certified Imago Therapist

Become a Certified Imago Therapist. Counsel couples as an advocate for their relationship, be someone who sees beneath the struggle, the anger, and the hurt to witness their deep desire for connection. Give your couples the gift of guiding them back to safe connection. If you are ready to bring a new level of competence, effectiveness, and energy to your work, certification and Advanced Training in Imago Relationship Therapy for Therapists and Facilitators/Educators will bring a deeper level of meaning to your professional life and your personal relationships. The most amazing part of this training is the community of heart-centered therapists who want to change the world one relationship at a time. You do not need to want to work with couples professionally to become a relationship expert and benefit from this training.