Imago Professional Facilitator Certification

This training is for you if you love Imago Theory and you currently are working in an organizational setting consisting of human beings trying to get things accomplished.

Do you want to learn how to be heard?

Do you want to learn how to help people hear each other?

Political Activists, Doctors, Hospital Administrators, Human Resource Professionals, Attorneys, Partners in Design Firms, Teachers, School Administrators

Imago appeals to visionary leaders who are somewhat idealistic or romantic. It is not that these are not PRACTICAL TOOLS, it is that the reason we want to share them is because we believe in the potential of humanity.

  • Become known as an organizational, Communication Expert Facilitator in your community
  • Transform your business or organization from within
  • Learn the Foundational Concepts and Skills that build understanding and cooperation in Teams.
The Difference Between Facilitator and Clinical Training

Grow your business and increase your sense of competency with helping groups of people shift to a more vertical way of relating once they understand the dynamics.

  • This training will help you develop the skills that increase confidence in working with relationships in all types of organizations and businesses.
  • Personal and professional development in all types of relationships.

Facilitator Training

The Process And Cost

The training to become a Certified Imago Professional Facilitator consists of sixteen training days, broken up into four blocks [of four days each] and spread out over six months to one year.

Module I:       October 22nd-25th, 2020
Module II:      January 21st-24th, 2021
Module III:    April 8th-11th, 2021
Module IV:    June 17th-20h, 2021

Get Certified!
Imago Consulting & Facilitation

Klaus & Evelyn Brahm, Imago Faculty