Is Empathy Viral? Imago Brought to an Orphanage in Kenya

[ September 5, 2019 by Michelle Bohls 0 Comments ]

Imago is famous for its theory on how we choose a mate, the mechanisms in falling in love, and for its communication techniques and wisdom, but few people know that it goes beyond couples therapy. Imago theory and its techniques can be used to help people feel connected to themselves and to others. Stella and the rest of the team take us on their journey to explore if empathy can be viral. Watch the story of bringing Imago communication tools to Kenyan orphans at Heritage Home, Mlolongo Kenya. Can empathy be viral going from children to adults? The Uelewano Initiative shares 2 years of their experience between 2015 and 2017. Dr. Stella Alexandrian, Ph.D., Orthodontist in Paris, France. Stella is a certified Non Violent Communication trainer and co-founder of the Uelewano Peace Initiative in Kenya. She uses Imago in educational trainings in Europe and Africa for singles, young couples, parents, and orphans to prevent violence and support connection. She also mediates conflicts for corporations and non- profit organizations.

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