Imago Blows Up in South Korea!

[ September 5, 2019 by Michelle Bohls 0 Comments ]

Dr. Jay Oh was fascinated by Imago when he was first experienced it with Harville and Helen in 1999. He wanted to bring Imago into South Korea. After he trained as an Imago therapist, he invited Dr. Harville Hendrix to be the keynote speaker during the Annual Conference of KAFC (Korean Association of Family Counseling) in 2012. No one could have predicted what would happen next! Over one thousand clinicians heard Harville speak and learned about Imago. Wendy Patterson and Mike Borash led the first Imago Clinical training in South Korea. Within a couple of years, they had trained 81new Certified Imago Therapists! Meanwhile, Jay continued to take advanced trainings and he applied to become the first Asian Clinical Instructor and faculty member. Just a few years later Jay started to train the Korean trainees and 81 grew to 200 Certified Imago Therapists, including 17 Certified Couples Workshop Presenters!

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