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Imago Communilogue For Diplomacy and Peace

“It is impossible to create a healthy culture if we refuse to meet, and if we refuse to listen. But if we meet, and when we listen, we reweave the world into wholeness.” Margaret Weatly, 2002.” There have been many Peace Projects. 

Immaculee Ilibagiza with the Rwandan UN delegation heard Helen LaKelly Hunt speak about dialogue. Ultimately, Allan Schiffer, Yvonne Miceli, Don Gibbon, and Janet Hostetler facilitated a Communologue process with members of the Rwandan UN delegation.

Definition of Communologue

Communologue is a powerful dialogical tool for safe communication, and connection in groups. It is a guided process where everyone feels heard, understood and respected. All views and contributions are explicitly welcomed, and habitual ways of oneness and rejection, are gently replaced with invitation to enjoy diversity. Communologue provides a unique opportunity for larger groupings, to move from entrenched conflict and distrust into a space of compassion, deep understanding and free flowing exchange of ideas. Communologue is not specifically a problem solving technique, task oriented, or conflict resolution. However, Communolgue is a process of coming together in a reliably safe space, paving the way to Entrainment, and so like all the pendulums in a room full of clocks, will begin to swing together, so each person in a Communologue, does not only share, but builds upon the sharing of the others. This creates a space, where problems may be solved, tasks may be accomplished or facilitated, and conflicts may be resolved.

Communologue contributes to achieving peace In our world, by bringing together the three elements:

Safety, which is essential to any communication.

Honor for each person, and what they bring.

Hope, where they may have been none before.