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Imago Professional Facilitator Program

Klaus Brehm and his Evelin developed the program, “Imago Professional Facilitator” in Vienna ten years ago for the Imago International Faculty to offer around the world and since then over 500 people from coaches to professionals have participated. 

Your question: what is the difference between Facilitator and Educator? Originally, people who were not psychotherapists could also participate in the Imago Clinical Training. Mainly it was intended for the partners of participants who are not psychotherapists or ministers and other professionals already counseling couples. The training is designed to help those working with couples and other types of intimate relationships. Although it can be applied to other types of relationships, families, professional and non profit organizations and businesses, the clinical training is not focused on training for these these purposes. That is the reason Klaus and Evelin developed the Imago Professional Facilitator Training. The aim was to enable people in other professional fields to work with the powerful Imago techniques. 

This high quality training program specifically helps people work with groups as well as individuals and dyads. If you would like more information. Contact Michelle Bohls at to find out when registration will open with Klaus and Evelyn Brehn in the United States, and specifically Texas. The training is done in four parts and after the completion of the program, individuals will be certified as an Imago Professional Facilitator and join an international organization. Dates: October 22-15, 2019, January 21-24, 2020, April 8-11, and June 17-20, 2020.