Imago FacilitatorWorldwide
[ October 2, 2019 ]
Imago Professional Facilitator Program

Klaus Brehm and his Evelin developed the program, “Imago...

Love bird holding hands in the sunset on the beach
Imago Austin
[ September 20, 2019 ]
Highly Creative and Intuitive Couples

Zora Neale Hurston wrote in her book, Their Eyes Were Watching...

International ConferenceWorldwide
[ September 13, 2019 ]
Imago Faculty Toast To Another Amazing Vienna Conference (Start planning now for next year!)

This picture was taken in 2019 at the Imago Congress which is held...

Imago Peace ProjectWorldwide
[ September 13, 2019 ]
Imago Communilogue For Diplomacy and Peace

“It is impossible to create a healthy culture if we refuse to...

University ResearchWorldwide
[ September 5, 2019 ]
Why Did This Man Move Across The World? (Spoiler: to Start an Imago University)

Dr. Jay Oh kept telling Dr. Harville Hendrix that he...

South KoreaWorldwide
[ September 5, 2019 ]
Imago Blows Up in South Korea!

Dr. Jay Oh was fascinated by Imago when he was first...

[ September 5, 2019 ]
Eighty Active Imago Therapists in France Welcome Twenty-Three New Colleagues!

The French Imago association was born less than a decade...

[ September 5, 2019 ]
Is Empathy Viral? Imago Brought to an Orphanage in Kenya

Imago is famous for its theory on how we choose a mate,...

Imago Austin
[ September 5, 2019 ]
Opposites in Love

Awe in a relationship can inspire daydreams of honeymoon...