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Imago Professional Facilitator Program

Klaus Brehm and his Evelin developed the program, “Imago Professional Facilitator” in Vienna ten years ago for the Imago International Faculty to offer around the world and since then over 500 people from coaches to professionals have participated. 

Your question: what is the difference between Facilitator and Educator? Originally, people who were not psychotherapists could also participate in the Imago Clinical Training. Mainly it was intended for the partners of participants who are not psychotherapists or ministers and other professionals already counseling couples. The training is designed to help those working with couples and other types of intimate relationships. Although it can be applied to other types of relationships, families, professional and non profit organizations and businesses, the clinical training is not focused on training for these these purposes. That is the reason Klaus and Evelin developed the Imago Professional Facilitator Training. The aim was to enable people in other professional fields to work with the powerful Imago techniques. 

This high quality training program specifically helps people work with groups as well as individuals and dyads. If you would like more information. Contact Michelle Bohls at to find out when registration will open with Klaus and Evelyn Brehn in the United States, and specifically Texas. The training is done in four parts and after the completion of the program, individuals will be certified as an Imago Professional Facilitator and join an international organization. Dates: October 22-15, 2019, January 21-24, 2020, April 8-11, and June 17-20, 2020. 


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Highly Creative and Intuitive Couples

Zora Neale Hurston wrote in her book, Their Eyes Were Watching God,  “Love is lak de sea. It’s uh movin’ thing, but still and all, it takes its shape from de shore it meets, and it’s different with every shore.”

There is no one size fits all for couples. As unique as each person is, every couple is even more so. You are your very own ecosystem. Creative and intuitive couples are just as unique as any other couple, and they can have a few more challenges than other types of couples. A few of their challenges may be, 1) trouble regulating emotions, 2) trouble slowing down, 3) high levels of reactivity, 4) a strong need for validation, and 5) a propensity for telling scary, negative stories about their relationship. Highly creative and intuitive people often grew up feeling very lonely trying to learn about themselves in a world biased for the logical and the linear. Often times they feel odd or alien.

Often times I see the pairing of a Warrior archetype with a Poet archetype. The warrior is great at sales, business, and entertainment. They are very passionate and they may have a diagnosis of ADHD. The poet is a great caregiver; they are emotional and sensitive (check out Elaine Aron’s ideas of the Highly Sensitive Person). In Imago we say the warrior is the maximizer and the poet is the minimizer.

These opposites find each other and because they were so lonely, at first the stars align. The couple feels like they FINALLY found someone who gets me. This deep sense of connection lasts for awhile. Like many couples this time periods ends and the only thing they can notice is their differences.

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Imago Faculty Toast To Another Amazing Vienna Conference (Start planning now for next year!)

This picture was taken in 2019 at the Imago Congress which is held in Vienna each spring. Imago Facilitators and Imago Certified Therapists come from around the globe to connect and learn. This next year’s conference will focus on addiction and relationships and it looks AMAZING! The first conference took place in the year 2000 and after that there was a conference almost every year, in total 15.  Since the conference was a bigger one this year, a smaller one outside of Vienna is being planned for the next year. The organization of the conference has always been done by the Imago Society Austria. Here you can find the link for our next conference:

“The addict is looking in the wrong places, but (s)he is going after something very important, and we cannot afford to ignore the meaning of her/his search.” – Deepak Chopra, Overcoming addictions

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Imago Communilogue For Diplomacy and Peace

“It is impossible to create a healthy culture if we refuse to meet, and if we refuse to listen. But if we meet, and when we listen, we reweave the world into wholeness.” Margaret Weatly, 2002.” There have been many Peace Projects. 

Immaculee Ilibagiza with the Rwandan UN delegation heard Helen LaKelly Hunt speak about dialogue. Ultimately, Allan Schiffer, Yvonne Miceli, Don Gibbon, and Janet Hostetler facilitated a Communologue process with members of the Rwandan UN delegation.

Definition of Communologue

Communologue is a powerful dialogical tool for safe communication, and connection in groups. It is a guided process where everyone feels heard, understood and respected. All views and contributions are explicitly welcomed, and habitual ways of oneness and rejection, are gently replaced with invitation to enjoy diversity. Communologue provides a unique opportunity for larger groupings, to move from entrenched conflict and distrust into a space of compassion, deep understanding and free flowing exchange of ideas. Communologue is not specifically a problem solving technique, task oriented, or conflict resolution. However, Communolgue is a process of coming together in a reliably safe space, paving the way to Entrainment, and so like all the pendulums in a room full of clocks, will begin to swing together, so each person in a Communologue, does not only share, but builds upon the sharing of the others. This creates a space, where problems may be solved, tasks may be accomplished or facilitated, and conflicts may be resolved.

Communologue contributes to achieving peace In our world, by bringing together the three elements:

Safety, which is essential to any communication.

Honor for each person, and what they bring.

Hope, where they may have been none before.


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Why Did This Man Move Across The World? (Spoiler: to Start an Imago University)

Dr. Jay Oh kept telling Dr. Harville Hendrix that he should begin Imago University to teach Imago Relationship Therapy(IRT) and conduct Imago research, which could be a powerful spur to making other graduate schools to follow the Imago teaching and research. Jay kept telling Harville, if you don’t do it, I will! Well if you know Jay that was no idle threat. Daybreak University began classes in the Fall of 2018 and is accredited in California and is in the process of achieving a national accreditation. Students are able to apply for masters and Ph.D. in Counseling with a Specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) as well as with a Specialization in Imago Relationship Therapy (IRT). In fact, Daybreak is the first university to offer a Ph. D. program in IRT. Students will be taught by Imago’s very own faculty members.

Why did Jay move his family across the world to do this project? Jay is a visionary man who makes things happen and he believes that Imago is a necessary part of creating his vision of the world – transforming the world through one relationship at a time. Daybreak’s hybrid educational model allows that students can attend webinar classes from anywhere while attending intensive ongoing seminar courses (one week). 
As a matter of fact, several Imago faculty members are currently studying Ph.D. program in Imago Relationship Therapy at Daybreak University. Also, Dr. Harville Hendrix and Dr. Helen Lakelly Hunt as Daybreak University Chancellors have donated funds, called “Harville & Helen Imago Research Fund” to Daybreak University for its Imago Research Projects. Daybreak University is preparing to establish ‘Imago Research Center’ to support the results of scientifically-proven clinical research and spur the efforts of Imago therapists who are working very hard to restore relationships around the world.

Daybreak Homepage:

Contact Email:

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Imago Blows Up in South Korea!

Dr. Jay Oh was fascinated by Imago when he was first experienced it with Harville and Helen in 1999. He wanted to bring Imago into South Korea. After he trained as an Imago therapist, he invited Dr. Harville Hendrix to be the keynote speaker during the Annual Conference of KAFC (Korean Association of Family Counseling) in 2012. No one could have predicted what would happen next! Over one thousand clinicians heard Harville speak and learned about Imago. Wendy Patterson and Mike Borash led the first Imago Clinical training in South Korea. Within a couple of years, they had trained 81new Certified Imago Therapists! Meanwhile, Jay continued to take advanced trainings and he applied to become the first Asian Clinical Instructor and faculty member. Just a few years later Jay started to train the Korean trainees and 81 grew to 200 Certified Imago Therapists, including 17 Certified Couples Workshop Presenters!

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Eighty Active Imago Therapists in France Welcome Twenty-Three New Colleagues!

The French Imago association was born less than a decade ago in 2010 following the very first training for french-speaking people in Switzerland the year before. France now has 80 certified therapists, 7 workshop presenters and 4 consultants! Isn’t that belle? The community is very lively and in great expansion – clearly! It is not surprising for us to imagine that the French people are quite romantic and value the way Imago connects people heart to heart. The current clinical training happening right now, in 2019, has 13 therapists and 10 of their partners for a total of 23 trainees! Oui Oui, non? In just 10 years, the Imago community in France has flourished to become the premier couples therapy. One goal they have is to do a clinical training once a year and one advanced training. Elizabeth, as seen with Harville and Helen, is one of two french speaking faculty candidates who are in the process of becoming clinical instructors. Welcome!

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Is Empathy Viral? Imago Brought to an Orphanage in Kenya

Imago is famous for its theory on how we choose a mate, the mechanisms in falling in love, and for its communication techniques and wisdom, but few people know that it goes beyond couples therapy. Imago theory and its techniques can be used to help people feel connected to themselves and to others. Stella and the rest of the team take us on their journey to explore if empathy can be viral. Watch the story of bringing Imago communication tools to Kenyan orphans at Heritage Home, Mlolongo Kenya. Can empathy be viral going from children to adults? The Uelewano Initiative shares 2 years of their experience between 2015 and 2017. Dr. Stella Alexandrian, Ph.D., Orthodontist in Paris, France. Stella is a certified Non Violent Communication trainer and co-founder of the Uelewano Peace Initiative in Kenya. She uses Imago in educational trainings in Europe and Africa for singles, young couples, parents, and orphans to prevent violence and support connection. She also mediates conflicts for corporations and non- profit organizations.

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Opposites in Love

Awe in a relationship can inspire daydreams of honeymoon adoration, but we often forget that awe is that from which we derive the words awesome and awful. The word in its etymological or historical usage referenced that which was glorious and dreadful—inspiring and something to be feared. This is perhaps a fitting word to use to talk about relationships.

Our partners can inspire us, bring out the best in us, and yet they can also bring out the worst sides of ourselves, our deepest fears, and pain we did not know was in us. This is not what fairytales and romantic comedies prepared us for. It’s only natural that when we see the darker side of our own relationship we may believe that something is wrong. We may wonder, “Did I pick the wrong person, or is there something in me or fear that my partner that is broken?”

Downhill can be a pleasant change after doing the hard physical work of climbing a hill, or downhill can be a decline in our ability to function. Rock can refer to the solid ground on which  westand or the action of shaking an otherwise grounded object. A single word can hold opposite meanings. Quantum can mean small or large, and jargon can mean specific or nonsensical language. Such words are common enough in English that we have a word for them—contronyms. We often may get caught up in the language of love, and may miss the fullness of the experience. Contronyms remind us of how close opposites may be, how love may bring out anger, and trusting may bring out vulnerability. In making room for the fullness of these experiences we allow ourselves to love deeper, and not lose who we are and what we may feel in the process.

Making space for challenges in relationships, discontentment in love, and independence in connection can give us a permission to be ourselves and grow. Contronyms may teach about psychology and language, but the real growth is making space for the complexity of you and those you love. In Imago Relationship Counseling, whether we are single, together, separating, or simply uncertain, there is an understanding that the path to intimacy is not fairytale or textbook—it is you, in all your awe.

Brendan Harvey, LPC