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Eighty Active Imago Therapists in France Welcome Twenty-Three New Colleagues!

The French Imago association was born less than a decade ago in 2010 following the very first training for french-speaking people in Switzerland the year before. France now has 80 certified therapists, 7 workshop presenters and 4 consultants! Isn’t that belle? The community is very lively and in great expansion – clearly! It is not surprising for us to imagine that the French people are quite romantic and value the way Imago connects people heart to heart. The current clinical training happening right now, in 2019, has 13 therapists and 10 of their partners for a total of 23 trainees! Oui Oui, non? In just 10 years, the Imago community in France has flourished to become the premier couples therapy. One goal they have is to do a clinical training once a year and one advanced training. Elizabeth, as seen with Harville and Helen, is one of two french speaking faculty candidates who are in the process of becoming clinical instructors. Welcome!

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